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   The SystemTamer helps with 2 concerns. Wasted Energy and Living Greener. If we donít waste a resource it will last a little longer. 

Once installed your savings begin. No maintenance, No cleaning, No anything. Every day you save a little more. The SystemTamer components are designed to last at least 30 Years. Cost per Kilowatt goes up you save. Someone attaches a carbon tax on your bill you save again.          

Saving the Green $ and Living the Green Life

The SystemTamer is an automatic switch that controls at least 3 subordinate electronic devices in step with a master device. The top three outlets are 24/7 the lower 3 are controlled by the master outlet. With your Computer and/or Entertainment system set properly the SystemTamer can automatically save as much as 100 watts per hour when your computer is on, but not being used. Up to 20 watts per hour when you thought every thing was turned off. Depending on your usage style and location this translates into

$7.00 to $70.00 of Green savings per year.

Itís easy. Plug the SystemTamer into any standard duplex outlet and secure with center screw. Chose a master (Computer, Sound System) Plug the rest into the 24/7 or the controlled outlets.

 Computers. All Computer must have at least one monitor attached to operate. Other devices that operate with your computer include a second Monitor, Printer, Sound System, Scanner, Internet Interface, Modem etc. All these devices consume power unless you turn them off and in most cases unplug them when you are done with the computer. If you walk away from your computer for any period of time your system continues to consume power for no useful purpose. The SystemTamer will automatically turn off all attached devices when you shut down your computer. In addition the SystemTamer will also shut down all attached devices if no activity is detected within a user set period of time. If you forget and leave you computer on over night the SystemTamer will automatically shut off the devices that would normaly continue wasting energy. 

  Home Entertainment  If you have a cable and or a satellite system you are drawing 50 to 75 watts of power 24/7 even if you are not using the system. In addition most of the latest electronic devices TV, DVD Player, VCR and Sound Systems continue to draw power when presumably turned off. The SystemTamer can reduce this loss to less than 2 watts when you are not using the system.

KOMU Channel 8 Local News Link.

Link to wasted power chart.

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